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Sopa à la grimace

  • Summary and bill text of SOPA - H.R. 3261: link
  • Summary and bill text of PIPA - S.968: link
  • Congressmen who support SOPA and how much money in donations they received to support it: link
  • Companies that support SOPA - link
  • Companies that oppose SOPA & PIPA - link
  • Video: What is PIPA and how will it affect you? link
  • SOPA 101: An Infographic - link
  • Tech Law & Policy: House takes Senate’s bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse - Analysis of SOPA & PIPA - link
  • First Amendment Legal Analysis and Implications of SOPA - link
  • Stanford Law Professors React to SOPA and PIPA - link
  • Infographic: What SOPA Means for Business and Innovation - link
  • FAQ: How SOPA Would Affect You - link
  • Take Action Checklist to Stop Censorship - link
  • Join @YourAnonNews and @AnonymousIRC and pledge not to tweet between 8AM-8PM EST (1300-0100 UTC) on 18 January [check your local timezone here - Use hashtags #SOPAblackout and #J18
  • Add the following banners to your Twitter pic: “CENSORED” - link | “STOP SOPA” - link
  • How to contact Facebook and Google to support the January 18 SOPA blackout - link
  • Contact your local Representative with info and a widget to find them by EFF and Wired for Change - link
  • Plugin for WordPress to protest with a blackout: link
  • Click “attend” on the FaceBook event page - link

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